Updated: 2nd June, 2022

Poole Piranhas are running trials for the DBA ‘Local League’ 22/23 season in June.

We are looking for team members to form a new line up for our U12s, U14s, plus brand new U16s and U18s squads for the season ahead.

Squads can include players who have already been in one of our squads already, or not. We will only have 10 players in each squad next season so that every player has good minutes. With around 50-60 eligible club players per age related squad, players will really need to prove to the coaches that they have what it takes – attributes, skills, and the commitment level – to be selected for one of the squads, and to remain in the squad for the season.

Our U17s comfortably won the league last season and this is something we intend to ‘repeat’ next season. Reviewing the data from the U12s and U14s teams, and looking at average points scored by each of the other clubs over the whole season, these squads missed out on top position by only a few baskets. Thus with an extra push and focus, all of our squads could be extremely competitive in the 22/23 season.

We expect the 22/23 season will likely start in October. As such, the plan is as follows:

  • May: Coaches eyes will be marking down players to offer trial invitations to. There will be up to 20 invitations per squad.
  • June: By 5th June, all invitations will have been sent to players along with conditions. Trials will take place over the three Sundays; 12th, 19th and 26th (we are closed 5th June). U12s trials will be at 2pm, U14s 3pm, U16s 4pm and U18s 5pm. Decisions will be made on which players are to be issued invitations to join a squad by Thursday 30th.
  • July:  From Sunday 3rd, our squads will start to train as teams. This will be ‘light touch’ considering there are only a few weeks until the summer holidays where we expect players to be away from the club at times enjoying some time off.
  • August: Light training continues and some basic ‘homework’ is issued to ensure our players are all on the same page and keeping up their skills during any time away.
  • September: From Sunday 4th, training begins to ramp up.
  • October: The season is expected to begin…

Additional info

– During June, players are welcome to attend any Saturday regular training session timeslots as well as attend the trial timeslots if they wish. Saturday Junior groups (for those in U12s and U14s trials) run 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm. Senior groups (for those in U16s and U18s trials) run 12pm-1pm and 4-5pm. No need to book up, just turn up to any one session per week over June.

– The U12s will have in total 10 players; 4 x A team members, 4 x B team members and 2 ‘redshirt’ players. The U14s, U16s and U18s will have 14 players each; 5 x A team members, 5 x B team members and 4 ‘redshirt’ players. Note: Redshirt players are those who train with a squad but don’t compete in DBA matches, for what could be a number of reasons. 

– Players who do not make the cut in a squad – be it existing 21/22 season players or those invited to trials but unsuccessful in obtaining a slot – will be offered a space in one of our regular training sessions. With our club now offering 4 timeslots per age range – 2 on Saturdays and 2 on Sundays – there should be no problem accommodating these players to continue regular training.

We wish your player the best of luck in obtaining a space in one of our squads for next season.

Our 21/22 U17s squad who only dropped one game in the entire season through lots of effort each week, determination and perseverance in learning to work as a team