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Our ‘Game Night’ sessions run 1830-2000 every Wednesday evening at The Branksome Centre (weather permitting!) over Spring and Summer. These sessions are FREE to club members

Sessions are aimed at club members aged 14+ to play with the club coaches and non-member adult volunteer players in order to improve member standards. We aim to have max 12 players per session; typically 4 adult players and 8 member players.

There are no drills or frills; after a quick warm-up we make up the 2 teams and are straight into ‘scrimmage’ 5 x 5 style basketball matches for 2 x 30 minute halves.

Check out our Game Night structure below:

  • Emphasis on fun, showing off a few moves, yet competitive and selfless play
  • Objective is to improve the member players performance by giving them additional court time per week in a game setting, with experienced adult players there to push the member players’ competitive edge
  • 12 players max per session; 4 adult players max, 8 member players ideally, spread out as evenly as possible.
  • 5 x 5 standard rules (8 seconds over midcourt, approx 24 secs to shoot, free throws etc) but running clock, 2 points for outside arc, 1 point for inside
  • Warm up until around 1845, 2 x 30 min games, quick break between games for water and team tactic talk, wind up 1950 allowing for quick feedback session and pack up time
  • Subs every 5 mins using our fair ‘rotation system’; all member players go off once per game
  • Subs act as refs
  • No full-court-press; defence must start when offense is past their half-court
  • Darren and John are players; no coaching from the side-lines but can provide in-play coaching tips at times
  • Limited/zero swearing; minors on court!
  • Limited trash talk; the premise of these sessions is to encourage not intimidate!

Please note that due to the high-intensity and experienced level of play required, inclusion into these sessions is through prior arrangement with Coach John.

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Game Night

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