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Birmingham Commonwealth Games 3×3 Basketball Ticket Raffle

Created: 20th May, 2022 Great news! We have 2 tickets to be won for the 3x3 basketball at the Birmingham Commonwealth games on Saturday 30th July! 3x3 is an extremely exciting form of basketball which is taking the world by storm. Quick, high energy and high stakes. Find out more in this promo...

BBL Finals London Review

Created: 20th May, 2022 On 15th May, the pro league women's (WBBL) and men's (BBL) basketball finals were held at the O2 in London. Coach Darren, John were joined by familiar faces of Tee and Gabriel, plus many of our own Piranha players elsewhere in the record breaking 16.5k crowd for what was a...

Farewell Jaxon and Maddi

Created: 20th May, 2022 The time has come sadly to say farewell to our fabulous coaches, Jaxon and Maddi. We knew from the start we would have limited time with them but what an impact they have made to our club. In the last 9 months, they have been involved with planning and running weekend...

All news articles can be found in our Club News page.

Feedback Form

This feedback form can be used by club members – players or parents – to tell us if you feel you have any improvements that could be made to the club. This can be to do with equipment, communication, the coaching, anything really.

We look forward to hearing from you whenever you feel like you have something to share.


Check out the frequently asked questions below from existing and new members. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact Coach John

Updated 21/03/22

How much is it to join the club?

The standard club subs/fees are £25 a month for all groups apart from U12s, U14s and U17s which are £30. However these subs/fees are based on an annual fee divided by 48 weeks. See ‘How is my membership calculated’ for more.

After your player’s free taster session, you will be contacted by Coach John regarding the initial fee. This will usually be however many session days are left in the month we are currently in, plus a month upfront which caters for the 30 days notice at the end of the player’s membership.

For example a Kinder player comes to the club for their free taster. There are two weeks left in the month after the free taster. The initial fee will be £37.50 which is worked out as £12 (2 x £6.25 a week) + £25 (30 days notice period). The next payment is due 1st week of the following month (and each month thereafter) will be £25; the standard club subs/fee.

What does my monthly membership include?

A player’s monthly membership includes opportunities to win the ‘Most Improved’, ‘Best Defensive’ and best ‘Team Player’ in our quarterly prize giving. Upon transfer to another group, they receive a ‘Promotion Certificate’. 

Membership also includes discounts on Day Camps at Bourne Academy, and Recreational Play we have available at our outdoor facility.

Additionally the U12s, U14s and U17s have their BE licenses and all referee fees on game days worked into their monthly fee.

How is my membership calculated?

Although there are different monthly subs/fees/prices per group, the monthly cost is worked out the same way; an annual cost, divided by 12. This is because some months there will be 4 or 5 regular group session days, but the monthly cost remains fixed to make things easier for the club and parents.

Note that the club aims to run 48 regular group sessions a year. See ‘What happens if a regular session is not run by the club’ for more.

How and when do I pay for membership?

Membership is paid for monthly in advance via Standing Order. Subs are due the first week of each month, ideally 1st of each month. We do not accept cash or cheques unless arranged for in advance and only in exceptional circumstances.

Am I tied into any contract?

There is no contract or minimum term – just a standard 30 day notice period if your player wishes to leave the club.

For example, if in the middle of the month your player wishes to cease coming immediately, and for some reason you have not paid already for that month, the upfront fee you paid at the beginning of your membership (Sept 2021 on) will cater for that current month and there is nothing more to pay. If you did pay for that month, and it is the middle of the month, we would look to credit you back the 2 weeks you are in advance of via the upfront fee.

For those members who joined prior to Sept 2021 that did not provide an upfront fee, or who are not in credit, we would expect for the current month to have been paid in full by then, plus any additional weeks to cover the full 30 days notice. 

What happens if a regular session is not run by the club?

The club runs 48 weekends for regular group sessions a year. This being every week including school holidays apart from 4 regular group sessions a year where we cannot run due to The Bourne Academy being closed.

In 2022 this will be:

– Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April (Easter)
– Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June (Queen’s Platinum Jubilee)
– Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August (Coaches break!)
– Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th December (Xmas) 

If a session for any other reason cannot be or is not run by the club, Coach John will be in touch via email in advance regarding this and most likely via text message as well. Coach John in the first instance will try to move the session to another reasonable time and date. If this is not possible, either a partial refund of the monthly subs or credit for the player will be offered.

What happens if we can't come to a session?

If for any reason your player cannot make a session, such as on a holiday, through illness, in quarantine etc, just let Coach John know as soon as possible please so that he can make adjustments to the register for a given session. As the session will likely still run without your player(s), no refund or credit will be given.

I am on holiday for a calendar month and I do not wish to pay for a service I am not using

If the club runs, payments are due. If you do not keep up to date with regular payments and fall 1 month behind, Coach John will be in contact with you. He will remind you that payments are due 1st week of every month. There is no exception to this; if your player takes a space, that space is payable, whether your player utilises it or not for 1 or many weeks. 

After 1 week of Coach John getting in touch with you, if no contact has been made back from you, and/or payment for the month is not acquired from you, your player’s space will become at risk with immediate effect. You and your player are still welcome to come to the club but all of you will need to sit on the bench until payment is acquired in full. i.e. your player will not benefit from coaching services where services have not been paid for. Again, there is no exception to this rule.

Does the club run over school holidays?

Yes, in fact we aim to run 48 group sessions a year. As such, monthly subs are due throughout school holiday periods – just like any other time of the year. See ‘How is my membership calculated’ for more.

Additionally we run a series of Day Camps. Check out our dedicated web page for current dates:

Jr.NBA Day Camps

My player can no longer do mornings/afternoons - can they switch?

As we have Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning and afternoon sessions for all age groups, we can certainly look to accommodate players in swapping over to another group. This will of course depend on space and potentially other factors.

Get in touch with Coach John initially so we can look to work something out for you.

What happens to lost property?

Occasionally the odd hoodie, drinks bottle or banana skin is left behind after a session. If these are not collected before the end of the last session, they remain in the club’s possession until claimed or for 1 month. After 1 month, the local charity shop gets the non-perishable things!

If you feel you have lost something, please contact Coach John ASAP.

What progression do the players have available through the club?

The club caters for 6-16 year olds and there are groups to suit all abilities and development opportunities within this age range. For example a 10 year old who would start in Juniors could progress to the U14s group and play games with other clubs through commitment, practice and hard work. They could then progress to the U17s as their ability increases with their age. However, being in a ‘U’ group is a privilege and high standards need to be maintained toward attitude and work ethic, otherwise there is a risk of them being reallocated into an age appropriate ‘training’ group (Juniors, Seniors) to make way for another player.

Additionally, being a Basketball England affiliated club, the coaches scout for outstanding players who may be eligible for the Aspire programme that operate locally and nationally. The club aims to nominate 1 female and 1 male player in the 11-15 age group category annually to the programme. After nomination, BE manage the process and the club monitors progress with the players’ family closely.

Are kits essential?

Kits comprise of branded jerseys and shorts. These are only essential for all Practice groups (U12s, U14s and U17s). This is because these groups play matches with other teams and need BE license numbers for club and association records.

Kits are entirely optional for all other groups. However most players have kits anyway as this way they feel more part of the club.

Kits are £25 for brand new, or £20 for preloved, payable in advance as the club purchases kits on a player’s behalf with the supplier. Kits normally arrive within 6 weeks of being ordered, and orders go in traditionally every 3 months. Once kits arrive, Coach John will be sure to advise those who ordered them ASAP afterwards, and players can collect their kit at their next session.

To be clear – there is no need to ask every week about ordered kits, as there is literally nothing we can do to speed the process up. Those who ordered will know as soon as they arrive! 🙂

What happens if/when the kit becomes to small?

You have 3 choices if a kit you have bought becomes too small; keep the kit, sell on the kit to another player or return the kit to the club.

If you choose to sell on the kit to another player, just let Coach John know which player this has gone to so he can update club records. Otherwise the club will pay back £10 for good condition clean kits. Again, contact Coach John in the first instance.

What can I do with my kit at the end of my membership?

See ‘What happens if/when the kit becomes to small?’

What has changed because of COVID-19 / lockdown?

We take care to follow Basketball England and government guidelines. As the rules change regularly, please just follow government guidelines as these closely relate to BE’s guidelines.

I want to provide feedback but in an anonymous way

No problem, we welcome all types of feedback. You can provide feedback either in person if urgent or delicate in nature, or via our Feedback Form – link above on this page.

What shoes do you recommend for basketball?

We have reviewed which trainer brands work well on the Bourne Academy floor surface. In truth, most appear to be absolutely fine. Players cans wear normal trainers or proper basketball boots. Local sports stores such as Sports Direct (Poole Retail Park) have a wide selection at good prices.

However the Shaq brand is completely banned from the club! Every single model of any condition and size over many months of monitoring appear to slide all over the floor which presents a health and safety issue. Therefore if players wear Shaq shoes, despite our warning, the club will not be held responsible if injury is caused by falling/slipping etc!

Examples of models below:

What size and type of ball is good for my player?

For any player up to around 12 years old, we would advise a size 5 ball. For those under 7 years old, we advise a light-weight size 5 ball. For those 12 to 14 years old, or girls/ladies 14+, we recommend a size 6 ball. From age 14, a regular size 7 ball for boys is fine.

An indoor/outdoor ball – a synthetic leather compound or similar – is good because they wear well outdoors but work great indoors too. We exclusively use the Tarmak brand for the club which has served us well for all the years we’ve been going. They are high value for long life and can be purchased at Decathlon stores, one of which is nearby at Poole Retail Park. Other brands and stores are available! 🙂

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