Updated: 12th July, 2021


We have teamed up with our friends at Cineworld Poole to be able to bring to our members a private screening of brand new blockbuster movie Space Jam 2 on it’s opening night!

We get the entirety of Screen 6 to ourselves for members to enjoy with their families. Also there are prizes to be won for those who book the 9th, 23rd and 45th ticket.

Due to the nature of the movie, we currently feel to open this opportunity up to our younger audience and their families. So only those in our Kinder, Nippers and Juniors groups.

As we still under an element of COVID measures, the cinema have been quite strict on seating plans and face coverings and other things too. Please review the important information from Cineworld prior to your arrival so that you are prepared in advance. I have also provided a seating plan for your review if you would like to see this.

In summary:

Date: Friday 16th July

Where: Cineworld Tower Park, Poole

Arrive: between 1630 and 1645

Film starts: 17:00 sharp!!!

Film ends: 1850. A short word from the Coaching team will be afterwards until 1900.

Important Information:

Adults must where face masks, unless exempt, in the lobby and during the actual movie, except when consuming food or drink

You must sit in the spaces the coaching team have arranged for you. If a placement does not suit you, please let Coach John know prior to your arrival.

See you guys there!

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