Updated: 23rd January, 2021

Further to this season looking more and more unlikely to result in club matches for our U14s, Coach Darren and I are focussing our attention on building a catalogue of drills and skills exercises which can be used as part of a programme in group Practice sessions once we return to play.

To make things more fun, being that some of the U14s have been playing at the club for 2 years now, we invited the U14s players to add their own thoughts to what the coaches could include in the programme. The prize; a brand new pair of Nike trainers!

We had a great response and some fantastic ideas came in however it was Wayne who clinched the prize. Well done indeed.

Thank you Wayne and to all those who put their ideas forward. Also a massive thanks to our generous sponsor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for offering our guys such a lovely prize. 

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