Created: 30th December 2022

A lot happened in 2022 for the club. We added Saturdays groups to our training programme, we created a group just for girls, we did some themed events (like Indiana Jones), and we finished off the year with an official day event for U10s.

Like in 2022, the club has some new and exciting additions to offer to new and existing players in 2023. This is what we already have planned and what we are looking to do:

Kinder on Saturdays

Due to growing demand for younger players wanting to join the club, we are re-starting our Kinder Blue group 9am-10am on Saturdays from 7th January. If your Kinder player (7-8 year old) would like to switch over from Black or Orange that runs Sundays, to the Blue group on Saturdays, please get in touch with Coach John.

Training Programme

We often get asked what is coming up next in training, when award ceremonies are, when or if we are closed, when trials are etc. As such we have developed a training programme with all these details on. Check out what is in store for 2023 on the Coach’s Corner page

U10s squad

We are looking to add a 5th age group to our DBA squads that will play matches against other teams in the Local League. This will be a ‘U10s’ squad featuring 10 players of around 8 and 9 years old. If agreed that this can go ahead for next season with the other DBA clubs, we shall be subsequently holding trials in June alongside our U12s, U14s, U16s and U18s trials.

Week day training Hamworthy

We are expanding to include Tuesday and Thursday weekly training at the Cornerstone Academy in Hamworthy. This is for Nippers (9-10 year olds) and Juniors (11-13ish year olds). Some spaces are still available so get in touch with Coach John if your player would like a space.

3×3 teams for competitions

There is a major interest developing each year for 3×3 half court basketball. Bridport run an event each August and there is high probability that other events locally in Dorset will be happening too in 2023. As such, Piranhas would like to enter at least 1 youth team for the August 3×3 competition this year. There needs to be 4 players per team, at least 13 years old. If your player has an interest in being in a team, please let Coach John know.

Schools development

Coach John has been getting into the school network recently. He has a residency at Magna Academy currently on Mondays, and Poole High on Thursdays from January. This may develop further into other schools so ensure your player keeps their ear out for their school offering this, or even have your player ask about basketball in their school and point the corresponding point of contact to Coach John if they need some assistance.

Girls matches

With our recent addition of the Girls Group running on Sundays at the club, there is appetite growing for some matches with other clubs. Coach John will be looking to get a game early in the year with a selection of our Girls Group players.

Sponsors needed

We are looking for sponsors for our basketball players in our community. This could be for one-off events, discounts on local services or products. So if you are an owner of a local business, or have some great connections that could benefit our young players, please get in touch with Coach John.