Created: 11th October

New ‘Girls Group’ incentive starting at the club.

Recent interest and questions from parents have brought the idea of a girls only basketball session to the front of mind again. As such we have a plan in place and we are looking to start a new ‘Girls Group’ off!

As a stage 1, from Sunday November 6th we shall be running a pilot scheme until the end of year to make a girls sub-group 12pm-1pm Sundays in what is currently the Seniors Black group. This could have 8-10 girls in, of around 11-17 years old, including of course the current girls in Seniors Black. The boys would also be in the hall at the same time but on the other court with Coach Darren. If this pilot is a success, stage 2 would be a full-on girls only group in the hall of around 20 girls. In turn, the boys would look to move to other Seniors groups we have running over the weekend.

If this all goes well, Coach John has connections in the local area which could mean some friendly girls only matches can be put on which would be lots of fun!

In the meantime if you know of any girls of around 11-17 years old who want to get involved, get their parent/guardian to message Coach John or just let Coach John know so he can invite them during the marketing of this exciting new venture for the club!