Updated: 5th April, 2021

As you know, we returned to play after 3 long months on 4th April at the Branksome Centre. The theme was along the lines of the NBA All-Star weekend. We had a Skills Challenge (adapted for groups), and the 3 Point Contest (also adapted for groups, and shooting ability levels) with the top scoring player from each team going into a shootout. The sessions concluded with a big 5 x 5 game with subs who will came on every few minutes. I think it was safe to say, we all had lots of fun.

In between regular sessions, Coach Darren and I also headed up our first ‘All Star Adults’ game and ‘3 Point Contest’. We invited some decent over-18s players from the local areas, plus Harley the team captain from our U17s, to make 2 teams in a full 1hr 5 x 5 game. After needing to go into double overtime, Team White snatched victory by just 3 points. This event concluded with a 3 point contest where Chris from Bridport went on to clutch victory from Jon by just 1 basket.

Take a look at our highlight real from the ‘All Star Adults’ game and ‘3 Point Contest.

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