Summer Break Tourney

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Each summer break we pause regular skills based training and have a tournament for all the club players instead. The tournaments run within the same session times as normal.

This summer (2022) the tourney will run over weekends from 23/07 to 28/08.

We vary the games to make things more fun; 3×3 half and full cross court, 4×4 and 5×5 full cross court games. Match teams are made up on the day and points are based on the ‘House Team’ players are in, just like in school systems. Houses are based on 16 NBA teams. There are around 20 players in each House, based on their first name.

For example, if a match team had a Hawk, a Bull and two Warriors in and they won the session, the Hawks and Bulls get 1 house point each and the Warriors would get 2 points. Points from all sessions get totalled up at the end of the weekend and applied to the ‘Team Totalizer’ below.

Find out which House Team your player belongs to in our ‘Player Groups’ page here:


Check out how your player’s team is doing below.

Last updated: 08/08

  • Suns have 16 points
  • Bucks have 15 points
  • Raptors have 14 points
  • Nuggets have 12 points
  • Mavs have 11 points
  • Warriors have 10 points
  • Heat have 10 points
  • 76ers have 9 points
  • Nets have 9 points
  • Grizzlies have 8 points
  • Bulls have 7 points
  • Wolves have 6 points
  • Pelicans have 6 points
  • Hawks have 5 points
  • Jazz have 4 points
  • Celtics have 4 points

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