Updated: 20th May, 2022

Please review our hall health and safety guidelines below:


  • Changing rooms: Bags, additional shoes and clothing etc to be stored in the changing rooms throughout the session.*
  • Clean shoes: Shoes that are worn in the hall must be clean, done up tight, and laces double knotted!
  • Phones and other high value items: These may be taken in the hall and left near the coaches bench (phones on silent) and avoiding use during the session. In exceptional circumstances, players can ask a coach to use their phone outside of the hall.
  • Water bottles: These should be placed outside on the table in the hallway upon entering. Any spillages must be immediately reported to a coach.
  • Register: Players must make themselves known to a coach upon entering the hall so that the register can be updated. 


  • Sit on the benches or around the walls: We increasingly find parents hovering around the only place we can’t have them; in the main entrance doorway blocking the flow of traffic! Feel free to take a seat or stand around the walls, not under any hoops
  • Observe the action: Can we ask that spectators pay more attention during the sessions. This is mainly for safety reasons but also it’s nice for players to see their parents/carers watching their progression and see the odd basket they score. Therefore if you need to, please use your phone outside of the hall.
  • Babies/young siblings: Take all measures possible to ensure that any babies or those people with additional care that are in your company are looked after properly. 

*Important – items are left at owners risk!