Updated: 7th September, 2021

What’s happening
Further to fulfilling all 67 spaces that we created when moving to Bourne Academy in April, and taking over 50 more players on the waiting list in just the last 4 weeks, we have been successful in acquiring an additional 1hr of time on Sunday afternoons at The Bourne Academy (5-6pm). We are also going to utilise the 12-1pm slot we already have.

These extra hours will be used to create a new dedicated slot for Seniors Black (12-1pm) and Kinder Orange (1-2pm), with the other groups simply moving on 1hr. Therefore the updated programme from 19th September will look like so:

  • Kinder Black – 0900-1000 (no change in time)
  • Nippers Black – 1000-1100 (no change in time)
  • Juniors Black – 1100-1200 (no change in time)
  • Seniors Black – 1200-1300 (change from 1500-1600 and dedicated Seniors)
  • Kinder Orange – 1300-1400 (no change in time but dedicated Kinder)
  • Nippers Orange – 1400-1500 (change from 1300-1400 and dedicated Nippers)
  • Juniors Orange – 1500-1600 (change from 1400-1500)
  • U12s / U14s – 1600-1700 (change from 1500-1600)
  • U17s / Seniors Orange 1700-1800 (change from 1600-1700)

When is this happening
We are looking to put this new schedule in place from 19th September.

How is my player affected
The coaching team have also taken the opportunity to identify which players they feel would most benefit from the group moves. I shall therefore be getting in contact with several parents over the next few weeks to discuss with them the proposed changes. Once these are determined I shall look to invite waiting list players in to backfill any gaps in groups. Therefore if I have not tried to make contact with you by 12th September, assume that your player will remain in the group they are in, but potentially at a new time.

To help you understand the moves better, the group player listings as they stand that will go in place from 19th September are found here:

We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst these changes are taking place that will benefit your player and others for what will shortly become a 200+ player club.