Created: 2nd November 2023

We have just partnered with the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, Decathlon! This is an incredible milestone for our club and we couldn’t be more proud.

As well as providing the prizes for our ‘5th Year Special’ week, all of our player members will benefit from 10% off any basketball related goods until the end of the year. 

All players need to do is order at the Poole store in person using their Decathlon discount card which the club will provide to players likely mid November. Players, being under 18, will need to be accompanied by an adult for each purchase. In the event that items may not be in stock, these will need to be ordered in a ‘kiosk’ with a member of Decathlon staff to help so that the discount can be applied.

Look out for Decathlon marketing and signage as our partnership develops over time.

Check out what basketball goods Decathlon has to offer: