Created: 31st August, 2021

What’s happening
We received so much positive feedback on our event last Sunday 29th that many parents and players have asked us to do a similar event again. Also, several players couldn’t make it unfortunately for various reasons.

So Sunday 5th Sept will be a 4×4 event for all Kinder, Nipper, Juniors and Seniors back at home at The Bourne Academy.

As a reminder, we are compressing all Black and Orange groups together to make way for the ‘U’ matches against Winchester at home in the afternoon.

The schedule is:

  • 0900-1000: Kinder Black and Orange
  • 1000-1100: Nippers Black and Orange
  • 1100-1200: Juniors Black and Orange
  • 1200-1300: Seniors Black and Orange
  • 1330-1500: U12s match period
  • 1500-1630: U14s match period
  • 1630-1800: U17s match period

Further details will be determined on the day, all subject to the number of players that show up. Please try to arrive within 10 minutes of your session start time to allow for maximum game time for your player.

    The Bourne Academy.

    Other info
    Useful and important information:

    • There is no need to book anything, just try to be onsite within a few minutes of the session start time.
    • There is no additional fee for this event.
    • Spectators are welcome to use the benches and bring own folding chairs as usual.
    • Like before, there will be no prizes sadly due to the adverse affect we saw over time that the ‘Piranha Banana’ had on the younger players especially. The glory of winning itself is the prize on this occasion.
    • Wearing Piranhas kit is optional as always apart from U12s and U14s who MUST wear their kit!

    Again, if you need a reminder of what group your player is in (and time, normally!), you can find this on our website here: