Created: 7th September, 2021

What’s happening
Further to our events on 29th August at Branksome, and the tourney day on 5th September at Bourne, we are returning to usual times at Bourne for 1 last week on 12th September before we start our new schedule on 19th September.

Schedule for 12th September
As a reminder, the normal schedule is:

  • 0900-1000: Kinder Black
  • 1000-1100: Nippers Black
  • 1100-1200: Juniors Black
  • 1300-1400: Kinder Orange + Nippers Orange
  • 1400-1500: Juniors Orange
  • 1500-1600: U12s + U14s + Seniors Black
  • 1600-1700: U17s + Seniors Orange

The Bourne Academy.

Again, if you need a reminder of what group your player is currently in, you can find this on our website here:

Details about our new schedule from 19th September can be found in our article here: